With his unique blend of passion and authenticity, Moe has inspired thousands of people all over the world with his personal story.

Below are some sample lectures:

The Gift of Challenges

How embracing my stuttering helped me discover meaning and true happiness

Epic Encounters

How hitchhiking across America transformed my outlook on prayer

Vision, Mission & Passion

Three lessons from today’s top entrepreneurs that will help you lead more successful life - both personally and professionally.
We were privileged to have Moe for a Shabbaton last year. His passion and dedication to Judaism – and specifically entrepreneurship and empowering the next generation – was inspiring and incredibly enjoyable. My community was talking about it for months afterward. You won't regret bringing Moe to your Shul or community!
Rabbi Elisha Mandel
Rabbi at the Thornhill Woods Shul
Moe is a breath of fresh air when he takes that stage. The man inspires all; captures the entire room, and owns the stage. You can’t stop watching! Add deep insights to that energy and you have a recipe for one of the best speakers you will ever see!
Hillel Fuld
Israel's pre-eminent tech marketer, writer, and strategic advisor.
Moe Mernick creates magic with his rare blend of wisdom and vulnerability; honesty and depth of knowledge! Your audience of all ages will benefit from his powerful presentation.
Adrienne Gold
Trip and Education Leader for The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (JWRP)
Limmud FSU conference gathers Jews from the former Soviet Union, ranging from outright atheists to "black hat" Orthodox, and finding a way to penetrate this crowd is not an easy task. Moe Mernick, with his revealing personal story and incredible presentation skills, managed to not only connect to many in the audience and their emotional and often physical struggles, but to engage and uplift everyone to see an incredible potential we have in our lives. Moe was able to masterfully relate to both teens and adults alike. It will be a privilege to have him present at Limmud conferences in the future!
Leo Hmelnitsky
Limmud FSU West Coast Org Committee
I had the pleasure of watching Moe in action over a recent Shabbaton, both in formal and informal settings. It was a Shabbaton for over 800 people who were all form the Former Soviet Union. I have been working with teens for over a decade, and I was blown away how quickly Moe was able to build rapport with the high school participants. His classes were a brilliant blend of personal stories, real life lessons, and questions that challenged the teens to think deeply. Quite a few teens bought his book at the end of the weekend, as well as told me how much they were impacted by him.
Rabbi Akiva Naiman
NCSY Director for Northern California
We were so delighted to host Moe Mernick in our community and he shared his inspirational message and really had a “wow” factor. His presentation and keynote session was powerful and his high energy manner left us all feeling engaged, motivated and deeply moved. We wish him only success and hope he will come back soon!
Rabbi Yoni Golker
Assistant Rabbi at St. John’s Wood Synagogue
We had Moe Mernick for two Shabbatons. His honest story is something everyone can relate to. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and stirred up feelings of hope and inspiration in everyone who heard him speak. I definitely recommend!
Ruchi Kova
Co-founder & Director of the Jewish Family Experience
Moe Mernick is a relatable, engaging and wonderfully inspiring speaker. While his journey is unique, his message of open self-reflection, deep personal discovery and self-acceptance is universal. He brings with him many breaths of fresh air!
Dr. Heather Grossman
Director of the American Institute for Stuttering
Moshe's speech to Beth Tfiloh high school was eye opening, engaging and inspiring. He has a unique ability to speak to teens in language they can relate to and with messages that are relevant to their lives. One class was privileged to have a Q&A with Moshe after his speech. The students were mesmerized by his life story and left feeling proud to be Jewish and inspired to overcome obstacles. One student commented that he now believes in G-D as a result of hearing Moshe's unwavering faith in the face of enormous challenges.
Rabbi Benyamin Moss
Judaics Faculty at Beth Tfiloh High School
Moe has given seminars all over the world, to audiences of all kinds.

Below is a select list of organizations where Moe has lectured:

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